Average amount of
energy wasted by
commercial buildings.


Average 10 year return
for every dollar spent
on energy efficiency.


People planning on
efficiency upgrades
within 2 years.


Saving water saves energy.
Saving energy saves water.
Saving both helps the earth.

Water Use

By office buildings


Number of gallons of water
withdrawn to produce
1 kilowatt hour of electricity.

Big companies have in-house energy and sustainability experts. Now you can, too.

Large businesses have sustainability departments that focus on reducing energy and water consumption, minimizing costs, and improving environmental footprint. The payoff is a healthier bottom line and a better reputation in the market. But not all companies can afford to maintain that kind of internal expertise.

RPM provides companies like yours with the same personalized service on an as-needed basis. We bring the expertise, experience, and manpower needed to generate substantial energy savings for your organization – when and where you need it. And because we are not installers and not selling any particular product or service, we’re free to choose the best, most cost-effective combination of approaches for you every step of the way.

We start by understanding how sustainability can help your primary business. From that foundation, our experts develop and implement tailored cost-effective energy and water use reduction plans.

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Outdated and inefficient facility equipment costs your business money every day. Contact us for more information on how to transform outdated, inefficient operations. Roll your cursor over each image to see examples of upgrades and improvements.

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