Average amount of
energy wasted by
commercial buildings.


Average 10 year return
for every dollar spent
on energy efficiency.


People planning on
efficiency upgrades
within 2 years.


Saving water saves energy.
Saving energy saves water.
Saving both helps the earth.

Water Use

By office buildings


Number of gallons of water
withdrawn to produce
1 kilowatt hour of electricity.

Big companies have in-house energy and sustainability experts. Now you can, too.

Rethinking Power Management (RPM) is in the business of helping public and private clients reduce their energy and water footprints. We believe that well-designed sustainability projects make all the difference – which is why we tackle problems with a holistic and unbiased approach. If your organization lacks the time, knowledge, and/or resources to optimize your usage or explore new technologies, RPM offers immediate value and depth of expertise.

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Low-Cost Measures

Our Services help companies reduce risk, gain market insights, and maximize profit. Typical approaches include:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Building Organizational Capacity
  • Benchmarking & Tracking
  • Training
  • New Technologies
  • Incentives