RPM offers clients a range of services, each providing important benefits.


Strategy & Planning

Benefit: Improved sustainability can markedly improve profitability and be a meaningful market differentiator. The process is more powerful and long lasting when the strategy comes from the top and dovetails with the organization’s mission and culture.

Service: A Sustainability Plan provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the desired results, engages the right people at the right time, and ensures immediate and continued success.

At RPM, we meet with the client’s key decision makers to discuss the company vision, sustainability objectives, concerns, resources, time line, and starting point. Through this collaborative process, we create a step-by-step plan that supports the client’s corporate objectives and company culture.

Building Organizational Capacity

Benefit: In order to take root, concepts and tools for improved performance must be integrated with existing processes and procedures.

Service: Building capacity means providing staff with the necessary tools to support the stated objectives. At RPM, we believe these tools should be woven into existing processes and procedures to the extent possible.  Providing integrated tools demonstrates management support and simplifies compliance. Common areas to address are purchasing and other contract templates, budgeting and financial planning, employee training, management support, and communications and reporting.

Project Design & Implementation

Benefit: Holistic project design ensures that an optimal project approach is delivered every time. Too often, we see vendors framing problems to fit their solution or falling into the trap of like-for-like replacements.

Service: At RPM, we look at each situation holistically, taking the system, facility, and organization into consideration. We often find that buildings have undergone changes in usage, occupancy, or technologies – all of which factor into identifying an optimal solution. When warranted, we do system monitoring to fully understand current operations. The effort pays for itself in reduced first cost as well as reduced operating costs. Once the project scope is defined, RPM works with your contractors or with contractors from our network to bring that project to fruition.

Benchmarking & Tracking

Benefit: The most successful sustainability initiatives are grounded in SMART goals - Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. It is impossible to track what you don’t measure.

Service: Developing a baseline of energy and water consumption against which to measure future progress is a critical component of a successful initiative. Equally important is creating a process for analyzing data and sharing results both up and down the management chain.

RPM has experience working with large, complex data sets. We can help identify appropriate software, develop meaningful metrics, and create processes to input, maintain and analyze data as well as to communicate results.


Benefit: Sustainability initiatives achieve significantly better results when everyone understands how to contribute to the effort.

Service: RPM can give your staff the knowledge and tools they need to contribute to your sustainability effort. From teaching maintenance supervisors and property managers how to recognize opportunities in a facility to crafting holistic energy management practices and organizational development for senior management, we can design a targeted program to best meet your needs.

New Technologies

Benefit: Many companies lack the time and/or expertise to fully assess equipment options. As a result, projects may be put off or fall back on old technologies.

Service: RPM can help you make sense of the wide world of “green” and move forward with confidence. We keep abreast of leading edge technologies through our network of experts. Remaining current also supports our independence. Because we are not tied to any particular product or service,  we’re free to choose the best, most cost-effective solution for every situation.


Benefit: Leveraging utility incentive programs, tax incentives, and other financial tools helps stretch every dollar spent.

Service: RPM is uniquely positioned to maximize utility incentive dollars associated with your projects. We also monitor state grants and market financial instruments that can support project development.  By integrating technical and financial assistance programs with your budgeting cycle, we can help ensure the timing of these resources will be available when needed.