Our two-step process focuses on efficiency first, alternative energy second.

Well-meaning individuals are often captivated by the prospect of installing renewable energy technologies without realizing the importance of first making their facility energy fit. Installing a renewable energy source into your facility when it's not energy fit is like putting high-test fuel into a car that sorely needs a tune up.

Step One: Focus First on Optimizing Current Usage

  • Evaluate your current usage. How much are you using and when?
  • Examine your facility to identify low-cost, no-cost opportunities that have an immediate impact as well as larger opportunities that exist within your facility.
  • Be careful to consider alternate solutions. Don’t be lulled into like-for-like replacements when better solutions exist. Changes in equipment size or type as well as advances in combined heat and power and air source heat pump (ductless mini-split) technologies may factor into the optimal solution.
  • Evaluate the payback period, financial implications and intangible benefits of the opportunities presented factoring in all rebates, tax incentives and local and state incentives. Then determine which ones to pursue.
  • Move forward with project planning and implementation.
  • Demand response programs and/or third party supply options might also be considered.

Step Two: Then Look at Alternative Technologies

The cost-effectiveness of any renewable installation is influenced by a number of factors. Thinking through these can sometimes eliminate options:

  • Physical characteristics of the facility
  • Location of the facility
  • Amount of sunlight and/or wind
  • Amount of unobstructed roof area and/or accessible land surrounding the facility
  • Local and state regulations
  • Rebate, grant of other financial support
  • Neighbors
  • Budget
  • Energy usage.
  • Organizational goals, approach to long-term investment, and/or interest in long-term agreements.

RPM can assist your firm in a variety of ways, from assessing initial needs to evaluating which renewable technologies would be the best fit for your facility. We can also help you choose appropriate vendors, negotiate contracts, supervise installations and evaluate impacts.


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